in a case about “eStamps”, imagine what you think if the Judge says: there’s no such thing as an eStamp if you cannot get electricuted.

Are printing eStamps most costly than just using regular stamps?

Yes, it is considered a service, and since it helps save you from going to the post office, you pay a premium for this luxury.


Can I customize MyStamps?

Yes, you can customize MyStamps, which will allow you to design and print stamps with your own logo, picture, and more. Ofcourse, the photo printed has to follow USPS guidelines.


How can I print eStamps?

You can register online by joining a subscription service that offers Print Stamps ability.


What are eStamps?

eStamps are “Electronic Stamps” that are based on a unique id per stamp. ¬†Each stamp is printed and assigned a unique barcode that allows for stamps to be printed as eStamps.